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Do you require a steel beam supplier in  London, Kent and Essex? We are the leading RSJ beam fabrication and suppliers for London and the surrounding areas. Contact RSJ London today for more information about the services that we offer!

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When it comes to steel fabrication, it's always a good idea to work with a professional team that supplies a variety of steel products. We also provide services that include saw cutting, drilling, and welding. 

Our steel fabrication services are made to the highest standards, and we have a wide variety of products available at affordable prices to assist you with your steel construction project. At RSJ London we have a range of high-quality steel products that are ideal for any building project such as RSJ Beams, angle beams and frames. 



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What does we differ from the competitors

We are a leading steel supplier in the UK and we cover a variety of areas such a Central London, Seven Oaks, Greenwich, Northgate, and Bromley. All our steel fabrication products are made from the highest quality materials, and we provide a wide variety of solutions for your steel needs. From girl posts to seating plates and even base plates, we have you covered.

customising steel 

We'll  produce steel whether the dimension and type you call for are already available or you need a particular size of steel beam.

 in-house work

You can be confident that we'll have it provided to your site as rapidly as possible. Our beams are offered for same day collection or shipment.

more than 30 years experience

We take pride in knowing our experts are able to handle any problem  to generate precise, economic architectural steel fabrications.


We have a wide variety of products available at affordable prices to assist you with your steel construction project.

If you are looking for any customised Steel Products, speak to RSJ London. We have a very specialised team of professionals, and we can provide you with any steel solution you need!

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When it comes to steel beams, there are a lot of options you can choose from. You can choose a simple connection, which refers to a bolted intersection with and plates, or even a box frame that incorporates to steel columns with a ground beam and a header beam.

You can also choose an angled beam, which can simply be drilled with slotted holes for connection to brickwork or concrete. You can also make use of flange beams, which is a compound being that is often used in the construction of houses. The plate is pre-drilled and then sandwiched between two timber beams. These three layers are then held together with bolts. 

rsj beams

RSJ steel beams are a specific product that has a variety of uses. These beans are available in various sizes, and they can be custom made as well. An RSJ steel beam refers to a rolled steel joist, and it is one of the most common types of steel beams available.

 spaced beams

When it comes to builders beams, you there is options to choose. You can also choose to use spaced beings, which refers to a pair of being stoned together where height may be restricted. These beings are bolted together with other tubular or PFC spacers.

flitch beams

Another builders beam to consider is a flitch beam which refers to a compound being used in a house construction where the plate is pre-drilled have and sandwiched between two timber beams on either side. These three layers are then held together with bolts.

steel beams

Steel beams can be used in a variety of environment, and they are most commonly seen in building projects such as residential, commercial buildings. They can be used as part of any structure, to provide additional strength and durability. Many of these steel beams can also be successfully used in existing structures to add additional support and weight. Heavy steel beams can be cut to various lengths as well as thicknesses, making them very versatile for any building environment.

We aim to provide a 24 hour turn around on all projects that are small providing daily deliveries on our fleet of vehicles.

steel fabrication

Our steel fabrication services include a variety of products such as a simple connection, a spliced connection, a box frame and even a roof structure. All these steel connections are popular in the building industry, and they are also ideal for the DIY builder.  We can help create your project from girl posts to seating plates and even base plates, we have you covered. 

steel angles

Steel angles are very versatile for any steel construction. They come in a wide variety of sizes, and can easily be used in conjunction with other steel products to help strengthen a specific construction structure. If you take structural steel angles, they are usually L-shaped.

steel bars

Steel bars are often cut to size, and they're also made of different thicknesses. They can be easily used in any construction project, as they can strengthen the specific platform or even provide a much-needed connection between other parts of the construction unit.

STEEL columns

A steel column is usually used to support a larger structure. They can be made to fit any construction project, and they can be a variety of links and thicknesses. This makes you can get the exact size steel column that you need to support your specific steel structure.

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If you are not sure which steal product it is, or what type of connection to make, speak to our friendly and helpful team for more advice and guidance. RSJ London are leading RSJ beam fabrication and suppliers in the UK and we cover a variety of areas such a Central London, Kent, Essex, Seven Oaks, Greenwich, Northgate, and Bromley.

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