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Barnet steel beam suppliers

Are you looking for local Barnet steel beam suppliers? We offer RSJ fabrication and delivery throughout London and the surrounding areas.

Our beams are customisable to meet your requirements.

No matter the scale of your construction project, RSJ London can supply and deliver any steel product you may need fast. Our fabricators can create any bespoke length or style of Universal Beam, structural steel column, joist, RSJ, PFC or RSA that you could need.

The steel supply we stock is suitable for any project, whether residential or commercial. If you cannot find the sizes and weights of steel product you need, give us a call today and speak to our helpful team, and we will be happy to fabricate whatever bespoke size of steel product you need. 

Our highly skilled team have over 30 years of experience in the steel trade, and we put this expertise to good use providing a first-rate service for all our customers. All of our products conform to the necessary British and CE marked safety and quality standards.

RSJ Beams Barnet

Our RSJ Beams are made from a single, rolled piece of structural steel, ensuring its integrity and load-bearing capacity. They are mostly used to support floors or walls, especially over door frames set into load-bearing walls. Each of these steel beams is resistant to corrosion, is machinable and weldable. 

Each measurement displayed in our table denotes the width and height of the beam's flange and web. Each of these measurements is taken as if looking at the beam from one end to form an "I" or "H" shape. It also displays the beam's mass per metre in kilos. Depending on the size and use of these RSJ beams, the web and flange thicknesses will differ and be denoted in the product's description.

The RSJ's web helps it bear shear forces pressing down vertically, while the flanges help prevent the beam from bending. They have various construction applications, including their use in retaining walls. RSJs can also be used outdoors as part of landscaped gardens alongside wooden sleepers. Contemporary offices and industrial storage warehouses also make use of RSJ beams in their construction. 

Universal Beams

As the name suggests, our Universal Beams have many practical applications on many constructions project sites. Like RSJs, these steel beams have a distinctive "I" or "H" shape when viewed from one end. They are an essential product for any major residential or commercial structural project. They offer the greatest structural integrity where load-bearing is a necessity. 

Each universal beam we stock is available in a range of flange and web thicknesses and various mass per metre measurements. If you cannot find the length and weight of the beam that you need, contact our team today, and we will be happy to create a bespoke beam product for you. 

Universal Columns

Universal Columns, much like our Universal Beams, have many applications in construction projects. Again, they have a distinctive "I" or "H" shape, and their load-bearing capacity is second to none. Again, if you cannot find the size or weight of the Universal Column that you need, our steel specialists can cut our products to the measurement you require. Our fast delivery throughout the London area will also keep your project running on time. Our affordable, expert steel services will also suit any budget. 

Parallel Flange Channels

These channels are also known as PFCs or "C" sections, given their shape. They are a versatile product, notable for their durability and strength. In residential or commercial projects, PFCs are typically used as vertical columns or as joists for flooring. They are a practical, affordable and essential load-bearing product. 

Our expert fabricators can create PFCs to suit any purpose. Our professional steel experts can produce any length or weight of PFC you need, no matter your project. RSJ London pride ourselves on high-quality service, and our fast delivery and affordability make us one of the best steel beam suppliers in East London.

RSA Angles

RSAs, or Rolled Steel Angles, are formed of two equal or unequal legs, placed at right angles to one another. They have a wide range of uses, and their load-bearing strength can benefit many jobs. They are often found in brackets or lintels, with equal-sided RSAs in supports, balconies, or stairs. 

Our fast delivery and bespoke steel fabrication services mean that your construction project can meet all of its deadlines. Our 30 years of experience allows us to offer a truly first-rate service to all those who require steel products throughout the London area.

Do you require Barnet RSJ steel beam Delivery? 

If you need an experienced, professional steel supplier in the East and Greater London area, look no further than RSJ London. We have over three decades of experience in the steel industry, and our specialist fabricators can produce any steel product you require. If you require any of our services, please get in touch today for a free quote.

Our fabricators can produce 3D models from your architect's or designer's plans and drawings so that any bespoke steel beams, columns, or joists you need can be checked before purchasing. Our fast delivery to any site within the London area ensures that your construction project runs as smoothly as possible. 

If you need fabricated steel beams for any size project in Barnet then get in contact to discuss your requirements. Find out more about  our bespoke steel beams and frames in London, Kent and Essex.

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