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Loft Conversions

Loft space conversions are ending up being popular as they could supply the added area that is required. You also maintain beneficial garden space. 

Loft conversions are one of our specialities. This combines both our style and structural skills. Loft Conversions can be found in all shapes and sizes, and this just can be found in dimension.

If accommodation is the only concern, flat roofing rear dormers are the most convenient way to achieve this. In lots of situations, this kind of advancement does not require planning consent. This is if the roofing system extension does not go beyond 50m3. 

However, in some instances, Planning Permission is required. This can be as a result of the first stage extension and the loft space going beyond the permitted overall of 70m3 for a semi-detached house. 

Loft conversions call for additional work to be accomplished to the existing ground and first floor. This is to help lower the risk the threat of being trapped on the new flooring in the event of a fire. 

These consist of:

  • New internal fire doors and a secure path from the brand-new 2nd flooring
  • Keys operated and interlinked smoke alarm on all flooring
  • This is an area with a much easier loft space conversion were just roof lights are offered light and ventilation. 

The staircase is essential to any loft conversion. However, it ends up being crucial where no dormer windows are provided to provide added headroom. The only headroom requirements within the Building Regulations relating to staircases. Although there is a leisure of the standard 2m minimum, it can create issues in some types of conversion.

As a basic guideline, the staircase can only be found in a couple of placements. These can either over the existing stairs or in between bedrooms taking a bit of area of each. The framework on these conversions is easy. A brand-new floor and the existing roofing being supported on two steel light beams in between the existing gable and party walls.

If you need fabricated steel beams for any size project then get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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