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Steel Portal Frames
London, Kent and Essex

Are you looking for steel portal frames in London, Kent and Essex?

Portal frames are usually low-rise frameworks. These consist of columns and straight or pitched rafters, linked by moment-resisting links. 

Resistance to lateral and vertical actions is given by the strength of the connections and the flexing stiffness of the members. This is boosted by an appropriate strengthening of the rafter areas. This type of continual framework is secure in its plane and offers a precise period that is unblocked by supporting bracing.

Portal structures are very common. Actually, 50% of the constructional steel used in the UK is in portal framework building. They are very effective for enclosing huge areas. Consequently, they are typically used for industrial, storage, retail and business applications. 

Portal structures are also common in agricultural functions. You can ask us to explain the anatomy and kinds of portal frame. We can also discuss essential design considerations.

When the whole or a significant part of an outside wall is being removed, there is, even more, to think about. Standard stonework construction is cross wall or shear wall construction. It relies upon masonry having the ability to transfer wind loads in all directions safely to the ground. 

Approved Document A takes care of this by restricting the amount of outside or strengthening the wall. This can be removed and firmly insisting that the edges or returns of these wall surfaces are substantial.

The assistance states that no greater than 66% of an outside or upholding wall can be removed. A minimum of a 550mm return is kept. If this guidance can't be attained a site or box framework is called for.

If you need fabricated steel beams for any size project then get in contact to discuss your requirements. Find out more about our steel portal frames in London, Kent and Essex.

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