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Bespoke Steel Beams And Frames
London, Kent and Essex

Are you looking for bespoke steel beams and frames in London, Kent and Essex?

We develop a considerable amount of steel beams for new openings formed within load-bearing walls. These are for new kitchen modifications, developing one room from 2 smaller ones or accessing new extensions. 

If it is essential to get rid of even more wall surface than is permitted by the Building Regulations, a portal frame is called for. This will replace the stability that goes as a result of eliminating the wall. This acts a "goal post" which sends the loads securely to the ground.

Our Steel box section or square tube is suitable for a broad range of applications. These include :

  • Frames 
  • Security Grills
  • Furnishings
  • Frameworks 
  • Transport 
  • General Manufactures 

It can be conveniently drilled and cut with the appropriate tools. It is feasible to cut the smaller sizes with a high-quality hacksaw and some elbow grease. It is advised that manufactured steel need to be repainted or galvanised. This is to enhance resistance to deterioration. Although we do stock a variety of pre-galvanized box section. 

For Food manufacturing or pharmaceutical use, stainless-steel might be a much better option. We stock a series of metric and imperial dimensions. All sizes are kept in stock for a fast distribution.

We have a wide variety of steel square tube products in supply, suitable for a variety of design tasks. Our 25mm steel box tube has been available in 3-metre lengths. This is offered in a range of striking finishes. This includes black, red, blue, chrome electroplated or clear passivated zinc plating. These square tubes are also available in aluminium alloy.

Furthermore, we supply 3-metre lengths of box area 25mm of Single Finned Aluminium Square Tubing.  This offers a continual support for 15mm board or 6mm glass. There is also a wide range of additional accessories for our metal square tubes. 

If you need fabricated steel beams for any size project then get in contact to discuss your requirements. Find out more about  our bespoke steel beams and frames in London, Kent and Essex.

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